Eine Kleine Nachtwanderung

After crashing at the hotel for a while it was time for a walk and dinner. Unfortunately jet lag slowed us down a bit so the places we would have liked to try had already closed their kitchens. However this being Vienna there still were plenty to choose from so we settled in at a tourist/nightlife type place for a beer and bite and it turned out not to be bad at all. A warm night with a cool beer…

More photos under the “Additional Vienna Photos” tab.

A beer with Mama

A beer for Dad too..

Walking near St. Stephen's Cathedral

An interesting store front.

Syd kicking back for a minute.

kdelora:  Hard to get out fighting jet lag but we did.  Even at 10:00PM Vienna time there were tons of people walking the streets.  Since it is Sunday, everything is closed, especially at this time.  Strolled to Stephansplatz in search for dinner…a little too late though.  Back to a somewhat touristy place, but full of people.  Bier and schnitzel (and chicken strips for Syd) hit the spot.  A walk back and we are all ready for bed (and blogging).  I like Vienna, smaller but accessible, hearing the voices rising at the St Stephan’s was incredible as a choir group was testing their voices.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Eine Kleine Nachtwanderung

  1. Amos D Alley says:

    How does Sydney like the Kaiser Beer? Ha …

    Love granddAD

  2. Amos D Alley says:

    Did Syd like the music I sent for the trip … Pollywog in a Bog?

    • TED says:

      It arrived just before we left, so she saw it but did not get a chance to listen. Thanks for sending it.