Off to Venice

Rain finally caught up with us in time for our departure from St. Wolfgang. It rains in this part of Europe in the summer so if you are coming, get use to it. We have been lucky to this point so I do not mind the change. Sorry to leave though, we had a great time and the staff treated us well.

While we were driving we discussed how many other places we could be heading to. Our GPS system has travelled with us all over and has all the places in Europe we have been and needed an automobile. We decided to see how long to get to Venice and found we could be there for in time for dinner. We told the system ok and off we were, heading to Italy and discussing how to get another week off. It was nice while it lasted…

In St. Wolfgang a few days ago we saw another  “not local” visiting family giving their young boy a Red Bull. Wonder if he has slept yet…

There were several ways to get from St. Wolfgang to our next stop near Reutte. We could have gone around the Alps, instead the driver chose the route that took us through them. More windy, much to the chagrin of some of the passengers.

We are spending the next few nights at the Hotel Furstenhof near Reutte. It is easily the most low key hotel on the trip and we are most likely the only non-Europeans here.

A cloudy morning in St. Wolfgang

On the road near Innsbruck, Austria.

A passage to Reutte.

Rain in the Tyrols...

The view from the Hotel Fürstenhof.

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