33 Hours of August 28th

One of the things I enjoy about returning to California on (most ) trips, especially international ones is the perceived time bending that occurs. When we left the 14th had the appearance of being shorter day than 24 hours and we arrived in Europe the next day. This time is recovered when we return, from the time we entered they day referred to as 28 August to the time we exited 33 hours elapsed. And although we flew for 11 hours we arrived home only a few hours locally after we left Munich. All in our heads of course but fun to think about. And I like the fact that this time recovery occurs on the return trip.

The return flight timing on this trip was great, the flight did not leave until 4:15pm from Munich so we had time for a morning swim, a leisurely breakfast (We finished the white Bavarian sausages before noon, Matthias!) a  trip to the airport in the early afternoon. And we got lucky on the return flight, although we were separated by the aisle, the middle section was a half row and no one was sitting in the second seat. So we were able to shove place Sydney in this section to form a mini suite for her, spread out a bit and all were comfortable.

This trip also gave me another chance to see Greenland. This part of the world fascinates me and I never pass up a chance to observe it, Iceland and Northern Canada when we fly over.

Home again…. Pictures taken: 4878… What is next?

Sydney in her suite

Approaching Greenland

Eastern Greenland

Land and icebergs in eastern Greenland

The ice sheet in eastern Greenland

Western Greenland

Western Greenland and Baffin Bay

Western Greenland and Baffin Bay

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