Salzwelten Hallstatt

Today we visited the town and salt mine in Hallstatt.  This mine has been explored since the stone age and how the original discoverers found it is beyond me. We had to take a funicular railroad then hike up an additional distance just to get to the entrance. But it was worth it, long tunnels, two slides, a rail ride, an underground lake, history… you get the idea. Our expectations were high for this day and they were exceeded. Lunch the town of Hallstatt then back to the hotel for the swim I promised Sydney. Not in the lake (yet), too cold for her….

Riding the venicular lift towards the sat mine entrance.

Sydney dressed for the salt mines.

The entrance to the Salt Mine at Hallstatt

Deep inside the salt mine

The second slide in the salt mine.

An underground lake

Sydney in the Salzwelten Hallstatt

Another part of the mine.

Hallstatt, Austria

Moonlight over Wolfgangsee.

k: This was a fun day.  Loved the slides in the salt mine and the train out of the mine.  Hallstatt was beautiful, tucked into the mountainside with calm, deep waters.  Watched about 12 parasailers launch off the mountain top and head for a landing across the lake.  Ended the day with some champagne.  Cheers!

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