Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?

Time to move on to Munich. The Hotel Furstenhof was comfortable to stay and although they seemed a bit tight with what they provided in the room, they tried to make sure you had what you needed. There was, though, an underlying pressure for you (us the guest) to finish on their schedule and move on. Meals were provided but closed up early. We could stay in the bar as long as we wanted but around 10:00pm the lights started to go of hinting you along. Subtle but unmistakable pressure. This continued even to the end, you were asked to reconcile the bill the night prior to your departure and to leave by 10:00am. Here’s your hat, what’s your hurry? Overall not a bad place, we were comfortable and we take cultural differences in mind as we go. But we have stayed in like places and we left wondering if we would have enjoyed the Goldene Rose in Lechaschau more…

On the other hand the early departure got us into Munich that much earlier. Having a navigation system set to shortest time can lead you down some interesting roads. But we made it, turned in the car, swam and walked around Munich City Center for a while. We dined at Augustiner-Bräu, one of the oldest breweries in Europe. Great beer and great food, pork shank for me…

We are all tired but happy.

Facebook continues to asks us interesting questions while we are abroad. This time for me, do I speak english. Kim was challenged while in Austria for proof that she was who she claimed. It brought up photos from her friends list and asked her to identify them.

The answer to this one is questionable.

Hotel Fürstenhof in Wängle, Austria

One last look at Neuschwanstein.

Neues Rathaus in Marienplatz, Munich

Augustiner-Bräu in Munich

Inside Augustiner-Bräu

She makes friends everywhere...

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