It Never Rains In Munich

At least thats what the tag says on the umbrellas the hotel provides…

Luckily we had several suggestions of places to go that would cover a rainy day and one was the Deutsches Museum which is like a combination of many of the Smithsonian Museums under one roof. We thought that after all the castles, palaces, paintings that we have dragged Sydney through that an interactive technology museum would be fun and it was. Paper making, planes, satellites, mines, agriculture… Seemed like it covered everything. The display on power was interesting, nothing like watching a display of lightning strikes, a Faraday cage, a Jacob’s ladder by someone speaking German… 🙂

After the museum we caught up with Matthias Hanel, a fellow TIBCO employee for a minor beer hall crawl. A nice way to end the last full day.

A rainy day in Munich.

A deconstructed Airbus at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany.

Inside the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

One too many cokes later....

Get started, girl!

A beer with Matthias at the Hofbräuhaus, Munich.

Kim catches up.

Sydney and Matthias having some fun.

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