Had Enough of Mozart

We drove from St. Wolfgang into Salzburg to have a look around. Had a nice little Saturday walk around the city streets, it was alive with weekend vendors and visitors. The city is dominated by Hohensalzburg Fortress, one of the largest medieval castles. Although it is high on the Festungsberg it has been made more accessable for tourists by the addition of a speedy Funicular railway. An interesting place with a long history that starts in 1077 and stretched to  include WW I POWs and and Nazi activists before Austria  “joined” with Germany in the 1930s. Now full of tourists. Would you like to visit the dungeon? Imagine the difference between that qustion asked today and several hundred years ago.

We also stopped off at several locations related for Salzburg’s favorite son, Mozart. The city (and Austria itself) is full of references to him, so much that Sydney finally told us that she had “had enough of Mozart” when we left. The two main locations in Salzburg are where he was born and where he lived with his family when they outgrew the place where he was born. It was nice to see some items he actually owned and, supposedly, a lock his hair.

One the way back to the car we bumped into the Barockfest in the Mirabell gardens, a festival where people celebrated the Baroque lifestyle and dress and paused long enough to enjoy the atmosphere and a little Prosecco. Ok, more than a little. Then it was time for the drive back to St. Wolfgang. We reworked this part of the trip several times and even had plans to stay in Salzburg. Ultimately we decided on a longer stay in St. Wolfgang due to its beauty and easy drives to other Austrian highlights. This did work out and we would recommend it to others.

Another thing we noticed the locals wear more traditional garb than we saw elsewhere. Men in Lederhosen, women in long apron dresses. Apparently this is a habit of the residents of the Salzkammergut (Estate of the Salt Chamber) region where we are and it was nice to see. The picture below is not a representation of what we mean, by the way….

Upon arriving in St Wolfgang we found our way blocked by a big crowd watching a classic brass band in front of our hotel. Although we tried to maneuver it was a no-go and we ended up parking and listening for a while. And sipping schnapps…

Kim and Sydney in Salzburg, Austria

Kim and Sydney in Salzburg, Austria

Hohensalzburg Fortress & Salzburg from the Salz river.

Salzburg Austria from Hohensalzburg Fort

Mozarts Birthplace

A stroll thru Salzburg.

Once he finishes this he will take out the garbage...

Some in Austria still honor the traditional ways.

Wolfgangsee at sunset.

Some traditional music

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