Fahren Sie die A1 in Österreich

Today was a fairly relaxed day, only driving. We pulled up stakes and moved to the lake side town of St. Wolfgang. Although it is a vacation spot not many foreign tourists visit, mostly Austrians. We saw a few visitors from the far-east, the rest looked like locals.

Our hotel is in the middle of things which means dodging other visitors on narrow roads and passages. Had the same issue in Italy, before we can move she must finish her window shopping….

Quiet at night here.

k: Words cannot describe the beauty we have here.  Mountains, calm clear lake, moon in the sky.  All this at 7:00.  We have the honeymoon suite (accommodating too many guests with multiple room needs)…too many chuckles…round spinning bed, hot tub….at least we have a view.

Looing across Traunsee

Wolfgangsee in Austria

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